Turn Off Doze Mode for Specific Apps

Sleeping AndroidAndroid Marshmallow (version 6.0) brings many new features to your phone.  One of the more notable is the “Doze Mode” feature, which prevents certain tasks from running while your phone is idle for a period of time.  This is designed with the idea of saving battery life on your phone by reducing power while you aren’t using it.  Seems like a great feature to have!

However, this also can prevent some notifications from coming through when they are initially triggered, or close apps that you want to have running regardless of your phone’s state.  So how can you exempt certain apps from being closed?  There’s actually a very simple way to set this up for any app.

Open the settings menu on your phone and look tap the “Battery” item.  Now look for the Options menu button, which should appear as three vertical dots in the upper right corner, and tap it to open.  Now find and tap the “Battery Optimization” item.  Tap the downward arrow, then tap “All apps” from the new menu.

You should now see a list of apps from which you can individually select to switch off Doze mode.  Tap the app you want to switch off Doze mode for and tap “Don’t Optimize” in the new window.  Tap Done to save the setting, and that’s it.  To re-enable Doze for any app, go through the same steps and select “Optimize” instead.

Note that this is for stock Android builds and other skins of Android may be slightly different.  For example, on the LG G3, again enter the settings menu and tap on “Battery.”  Here, you’ll have to tap on “Battery Usage,” and then tap “Ignore Optimizations” under the Battery Optimization section.  Here you just need to fill the checkbox next to the app you want to ignore battery optimizations for.

The key is to be under the Battery settings and look for the word Optimization.  Chances are, that’s where you’ll need to go.