Samsung Galaxy Beam – Phone+Projector

Samsung Galaxy Beam Here’s something new: the Samsung Galaxy Beam.  This upcoming phone from Samsung was introduced yesterday via a press release just prior to the MWC.  While it’s not the first Android phone to include a projector, it’s certainly the most impressive.  The built in 15 lumens is able to project a ” crisp, high-definition projection up to 50’’ wide.”  Sounds pretty cool if you ask me.

The rest of the specifications for the phone aren’t quite as impressive, but certainly not terrible either.  The Beam is 12.5mm thick, which really isn’t all that bad considering everything that has been jammed inside and the 2000mAh battery.  The larger battery is nice, but who knows how long it’ll last with the projector running.  The screen is a 4.0″ 480×800 screen (not AMOLED), HSPA network instead of LTE, and a 1.0GHz Dual-Core processor.  The Galaxy Beam comes standard with 8GB of internal memory and a MicroSD card slot.  It also includes a 5MP camera+flash and a 1.3MP front facing camera. Certainly not the most impressive overall specs, but lets face it, people that buy this phone are buying it for the projector.  Right now, this looks like the best all around phone-projector camera combo out there.