Root Explorer – App Review

Root Explorer For Android
Root Explorer For Android

In my early Android days I wasn’t very good with using ADB to push files or access the more restricted areas of the OS.  Luckily for me, I found a great little program called Root Explorer.  This app, while not flashy, allows you to do just about anything that most other file manager apps do.  You can easily browse through all your files.  Move, copy, rename, multi-select, text editor, and the ability to create new files/folders are all available.

Where this app really earns it’s place is it’s ability to let you mount your system files as writeable on the fly.  You can dive right into your root directory, mount it as writeable, and do whatever you need to do.  No ADB required.  I can count how many times I’ve used this app to replace bad applications, install leaks, or apply a new choice MOD.  It has been invaluable for me since I first installed it.

The interface itself isn’t very flashy.  It’s a very basic look with very generic looking icons, no huge tool bar at the top of the screen with all your menu options, no fancy graphics.  But that’s one of the things I really like.  It’s simple, yet lets you do complicated tasks.  It shows you all the information you need (file permissions, location, date, size) without cluttering up the screen.

While I’ve come a long way since I first started tinkering inside Android, and have become much more proficient at using ADB, Root Explorer still earns a place in my app drawer and its safe to say I use it nearly every day.  It’s one of the few programs I always recommend to anyone who has a rooted phone and is definitely worth the purchase price.

Price = roughly $4.00

Link: Root Explorer