Roll-Up Pocket Bluetooth Keyboard – Qii

Most people today have some experience typing on their phone or tablets using either an onscreen keyboard or a slide out QWERTY keyboard.  At the same time, it’s fair to say that when a high amount of typing is necessary, people would rather use a traditional full size keyboard.  That usually means either ditching the mobile device and using a regular computer, or carrying medium sized mobile keyboard around with you everywhere.  Most of those mobile keyboards are sized rather well and are easy to travel with, but it’s still one more piece of hardware that you have to carry around, and it likely doesn’t fit too well in your pocket.  The Qii pocket keyboard is hoping to change that.

The Qii (pronounced “key”)is a full sized QWERTY Bluetooth keyboard that will roll up and fit easily in your pocket.  We’ve all seen the flexible rubber keyboards, but this is different.  The Qii is made of super thin, “flexible electronic film” utilizing a “new kind of touch sensing technology” to achieve it’s ultra portable form.  The keyboard has a full number pad and function keys that you can expose or keep rolled up depending on what you need.  According to the video, it’s dirt and water resistant, and the case that Qii rolls up inside will also act as a touchpad.

The Qii looks like a truly innovative device and I, for one, would love to try one out.  Unfortunately, the Qii is not yet available and is being crowdfunded by Indigogo to raise funds for it’s production (  If you want to help fund this project, contributions start at $120 and will earn you a fresh Qii when they finally are released.

What are your thoughts on this potential new device?  Does it sound like something you would use, or just another gimmick?

Note: At the time this article was written the Indiegogo page for the Qii was no functional.  They are aware of this and are working to get it back online.  No mention as to why it was taken down in the first place.