Nexus 5x Unboxing

Nexus 5XThis week I received the Google Nexus 5x by LG in the mail.  I bought the phone unlocked from a national retailer and it arrived quickly and well packaged.  The phone packaging itself came in a small white box with a sleeve over the outside with the Nexus N logo.

Removing the sleeve and opening the box reveals the phone itself and various accessories.  Included in the box was the Nexus 5x itself, USB Type-C to USB charging cable, wall adapter, manual, coupon for 90 days free trial of Google Music, and a micro-USB to USB Type-C adapter.  I wasn’t expecting the adapter but it was a nice addition.  It allows me to immediately plug in and charge the phone without having to remove the old and add the new one.  Eventually, I’ll do this regardless, but this saves me some time right up front.


contentsoutThe phone came in the usual plastic covering for protection during shipping/storage and is easily removed.  The phone itself feels light and well built.  The phone powered right up and had almost a full charge, which was also a surprise.  Right away I had two version updates waiting which were the security patches for January and February. 

0306162335a_HDR 0306162335_HDR

I’m going to be spending a good couple of weeks using this phone through work and home life and will have a review up shortly after the conclusion of the test period.  So stay tuned and watch for the review!