NetZero 4G No-Contract Broadband Service Announced

DailyTech – Affordable NetZero 4G Mobile Broadband Service Announced.

Years ago NetZero used to be one of the hottest names out there for getting connected to the internet.  I, for one, used their free dial-up offering for a long time, and then as a backup connection when AOL wasn’t working.  NetZero has been pretty well irrelevant for some time now, but have just announced a new service that may make them relevant again.

NetZero has announced a new service that will provide no-contract 4G data connections via a 4G USB stick or a 4G Hotspot device.  Each is capable of using two different speed settings: Lightspeed (1MB download) and warpspeed (10MB download).  The hotspot device can support up to 8 Wi-Fi devices at about 150 ft., while the USB stick supports a single device.

The Hotspot device will sell for $99.95 and the USB Stick for $49.95.  Data plans start at $9.95 with 200MB free and 500MB of data monthly.  From there the plans go up to 1GB of monthly data for $19.95, 2GB of monthly data for $34.95, and 4GB of data for $49.95.  It’s a little more expensive than what you’d find with most of the current smartphone carriers, but the lack of a binding contract may be just enough to pull a big number of people away from the Big Boys.