Micro-Flip – Product Review

Micro-FlipWhile USB Type-C is the connection of choice for most new devices, many people still have at least one device using micro-USB type connections.  One of micro-USB’s biggest complaints is that it is not reversible, meaning you have to make sure you are oriented correctly to plug it in the cable to your device.  For a long time there wasn’t much anyone could do to improve this issue, until the Micro-Flip Reversible Micro-USB cables were successfully crowdfunded.  The Micro-Flip cable is exactly what it sounds like: a micro-usb cable that is designed so that you can plug it in regardless of orientation.  The cable also came with a Micro-Flip Adapter, which allows you to retrofit a standard micro-usb cable.  Here are the technical specifications:

  • USB 2.0
  • Made from durable, tangle free, braided nylon
  • Built in fuse which will disconnect if there is a short
  • Supports up to 480Mbps transfer speed

Physical Build

There’s not much to cables, so the build is pretty standard.  It’s made from braided nylon instead of rubber, which I find is more durable and tends to last longer.  Beyond that, there’s not much different from other cables.  Everything is very tight and doesn’t seem to wobble or feel loose, even after several weeks of use.

Micro to FlipMicro-Flip Adapter


The adapter is compact and very simple.  As expected, one end has a female micro-usb connection, and the other has the Micro-Flip connection.  Again, the build is pretty standard, but well done.  However, the micro-usb connection is very shallow, which means any cable you plug in only goes in about half-way.  This means the standard cable has a tendency to disconnect very easy.  So if you happen to be fumbling around in the dark looking for the end of your charging cable, your most likely going to pop the adapter off before you get a chance to plug it into your device.  With that in mind, the adapter is probably good in a pinch, but I wouldn’t use it in those hard to reach/blind connecting situations.


USB Type-C may be the new standard, but micro-USB isn’t going away any time soon.  For those that don’t or can’t upgrade their devices every year, or even every two years, this cable is still relevant.  I’ve used this cable for the last few weeks and have had no issues with charging or transferring data.  The build of the cable is solid, durable, and has been very easy to use.  The adapter, while also a solid build, is less useful due to the shallow micro-usb connection.  It would be fine in a pinch, but could get easily disconnected and lost in the right situation.  Overall, if you still have devices that use micro-USB and are frequently annoyed by having to properly orient your cable, this is a viable solution.

Unfortunately, despite the successful crowdfunding and running out of product due to demand, it seems that the manufacturer of this cable wasn’t initially planning to offer retail sales.  Due to demand, however, they do have a limited number available on eBay:

If you are interested in one of these cables but aren’t able to get one of the Micro-Flips, there are other “flipable” cables out there on the market which can be found via a simple Google search.