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Logo me
Logo me
Note: Root is required for this app

Never underestimate the developer community for Android.  If you’ve rooted your phone, you’ve no doubt already done some type of modification to your phone or OS in some way.  Whether it be cosmetic or practical, there’s loads of changes you can make.  One that I really enjoyed doing on my old Droid Incredible was changing the boot logo, that static manufacturer image before the boot animation starts.  Until recently, I was unable to change that on my Galaxy Nexus.  Not life or death by any means, but certainly something I enjoyed showing off to people.

Logo Me is a new app from Aperture Laboratories that allows you to change the “bootlogo” quickly and easily from within the OS.  Previously you would have to create an image and flash it in recovery.  Logo Me allows you to simply load an image onto your Nexus, browse to it through the app, and set it as the new image.  You can also change the small padlock icon on the bootlogo screen.

The application also allows you to password protect your changes.  One of the main reasons for this is to allow you to embed your contact information in your bootlogo images.  Imagine if your device was lost or stolen.  This information would be consistent even if the phone was wiped, making it rather difficult for someone to resell or pass off as their own.

It’s extremely simple and works flawlessly, though, it does have a few drawbacks.  Initially, the application was made primarily for the Galaxy Nexus and was expanded out to a few other devices.  As of right now, that has been scaled back to just the Galaxy Nexus again.  Apparently there were too many issues with identifying and applying the images to different devices, so for the time being, it only works on the Nexus.

The size limitation of the images are extremely small.  The main bootlogo image can be up to 720 x 595 pixels and no more than 12126 bytes in size.  The padlock icon can be up to 720 x 100 pixels and no more than 2215 bytes.  In most cases you have to use an image optimizer to get the images small enough to fit within the constraints.  As you can imagine, this can cause some serious pixelation of the image if you’re not careful.

While the app only really serves to give your phone a new level of personalization, it’s still a great app to have if you’re into complete phone modification and is totally worth the couple bucks purchase price.

App Price: $2.49

App Link: Logo Me