Lenovo Yoga 710 – Product Review

When looking for a laptop you have your veritable pick of a seemingly endless amount of features and forms to choose from. Ultra books, gaming laptops, and 2-in-1’s are just a few of the many options that you now have to choose from. Personally, I’ve become a fan of the smaller, lighter models that don’t break my shoulder after dragging it around for a half an hour. That’s why I was very excited to get a look at the 11 inch Lenovo Yoga 710.

First Impressions/Physical Build

yoga710The Yoga 710 is a small, lightweight, 2-in-1 laptop that is the smallest of the Yoga series of machines. As with all 2-in-1’s, you can flip the screen back into several different positions to use it as a tablet, multi-media screen, or anything in-between. It’s very light, coming in at just over 2 lbs, and is very easy to handle or hold in one hand if necessary. The casing is composed of your standard plastic, but still feels very sturdy. The keyboard is a compact design, but is still comfortable to use without sacrificing too much. The screen is beautiful and looks great, but does tend to collect fingerprints rather easily.

yogatentUnlike some of the other Yoga models, this does not have the multi-hinged design but your standard two hinges that still allow you to flip it into whatever position you need. This doesn’t prevent the laptop from being easy to maneuver, however. Due to the small form factor, you are limited on the number and type of connections that are available. The left side of the laptop provides a port for the power cord, and your standard headphone jack. The right side houses a full size USB Type-A port, micro HDMI port, power button, and a reset button. These represent the only ports and buttons available anywhere on the laptop. There is a 1MP integrated camera in the standard position just above the screen, and there are dual speakers located on the bottom below the keyboard.

The Yoga 710 comes installed with Windows 10 Home and a slew of Lenovo applications, dubbed Lenovo Value-Add applications. The full starting specs for the Yoga 710 are listed in the table below.

710 Specs


The demo unit I received came with an Intel Core M3 1.51 GHz processor and 4GB RAM, so it wasn’t the top of the line specs that you could get with this model. However, I was very surprised with how well it performed. While I wasn’t able to play any major high-performance games, games such as Minecraft played perfectly. After all, this isn’t built for that kind of gaming, so if you’re looking for a high performance gaming laptop, keep looking. This laptop was designed to be a take anywhere type device. Small, light, yet powerful enough to run anything you might need while out and about.

yogaleftThe screen is an 11.6” Full HD display with a resolution of 1920×1080 with touch capability, so you can use this as a tablet when you flip the screen all the way over. The screen actually looked great, and as mentioned above, my only real complaint was that it seemed to show a ton of fingerprints. The speakers are listed as Dolby Audio Premium, though they didn’t really stand out as anything other than your standard speakers.

The battery on the laptop is listed as having up to 8 hours of video playback, which I found to be pretty accurate. I was able to watch the Fellowship of the Rings Extended Edition twice and still had about 20% battery leftover. When I just used the laptop for general web browsing and writing tasks, the battery easily lasted all day with no issues.yogaright


The 11 inch Yoga 710 is a great, lightweight 2-in-1 that is perfect for taking almost anywhere and still have the ability to work all day if necessary. That being said, there wasn’t anything particularly above-and-beyond with the 710 that you couldn’t find in most other small form laptops, but nothing particularly bad either. It’s light, small, and powerful enough to get you through your daily tasks, and that’s about it. You can pick up the 710 at a great price starting at $499 for the base model.