Google Thinks You Need To Walk More – Pedometer Added to Google Now

For those of you with Google Now installed on your Jelly Bean Android phones, you might have noticed a new card show up.  It seems that Google has added a pedometer that will automatically track your miles walked and biked for each month.  It will also show you a comparison between the current month and the previous month.

There’s no listing for the card under the settings menu and some of the “learn more” links don’t really provide any information, so it looks as though this is still a work in progress.  More options may be around the corner for this sneaky pedometer.  The data appears to be gathered “Based on your device’s location which is periodically sent to Google.”

Unfortunately, I recently (this morning) flashed a new ROM to my Galaxy Nexus, so any of my stats have been reset to zero.  This means there’s no card for me to view.  However, you can view a few screenshots below, courtesy of DroidLife.

Pedometer Screenshots
Pedometer Screenshots (courtesy of

Are you now showing a pedometer card in your Google Now?  What do you think of this new feature?

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