Google Set to Release It’s Cloud Service: Google Drive

Google Drive details leak: launching next week with 5GB free | Android Community.

I’ll admit it: I’m a cloud service junkie.  I’ve got accounts with Dropbox,, Ubuntu One, even Microsoft’s SkyDrive. So naturally, when I heard Google was working on a cloud service of their own, I was a little excited.

Android Community reports that Google may be ready to launch Google Drive as early as next week starting with 5GB of free space.  Dropbox, arguably the most popular cloud service, currently only provides 2GB of free space when opening a new account.  Of course that can be increased through several different promotional deals and specific tasks (inviting friends, uploading photos, etc.).

All of the various cloud services provide a free account with certain limitations.  Either on the total size, file upload size, or desktop syncing options, among others.  All of them also provide a series of paid accounts, or upgrades, that add not only features but available storage.  There’s no doubt that Google Drive will have similar options.

What really has me excited about Google Drive is how it will be wrapped up into Android and the rest of Google’s services.  For simplicity sake, I’ve migrated my email, contacts, music, and nearly everything else over to one of Google’s various services.  There’s something to be said to having everything all tied together and easily accessible via one sign-on.  I have a feeling that once Google Drive makes it’s appearance, I’ll be migrating my Dropbox files there as well.