Goodbye Android Market….Hello Google Play

Google Play
Google Play replaces Android Market

It would seem that, out of nowhere, Google has dropped a huge change on the Android crowd.  Android Market has been renamed to Google Play.  Even when trying to access the Android Market through the previous URL will redirect you to Google Play.

For the most part, things look/act about the same.  You have a section for movies, music, apps, and books. Various sources have indicated that the Market app on your phone/tablet will be replaced with a Google Play app, but I haven’t seen that change happen on any of my devices yet.  There are applications for Google Play Music, Google Play Books, and Google Play Movies, but no Google Play Apps.  I would assume they are going to pull them all together into one app like the website.

Google isn’t wasting any time with promoting the change either.  They’ve already started huge sales across all sections.  Several of their most popular apps are now being sold for only $0.49 during the promotion.  They’re also going the Amazon route by offering a special “Play of the Day,” where a particular app is available for only $0.25.  This app deal changes every day to something new.

Google is also offering $0.25 deals for songs and Double Play deals on albums (not sure what that is yet), and other promotions coming up as well.  Keep an eye out for the “new” market app or just hop over to the website ( and browse through everything right now!