Evernote Update Brings Big Changes to Tablet Interface


Evernote, arguably the best note taking app on Google Play, has just released a new update that makes some significant changes to the application’s interface for tablet users.  It’s mostly a cosmetic change, but certainly makes a huge difference in the UI experience of the app.

Evernote 4.1’s new home screen for the tablet now shows a more fluid screen with panels that can be swiped open or back behind other panels.  This seems to provide an easier and quicker experience while navigating through your notes and notebooks.  It may not sound like much on the surface, but it’s definitely a huge improvement.

Another new change is the List View option for showing and navigating your notes.  This provides a more compact view of your notes which might be more appealing to some users over the grid view.

There are also some updates to the smartphone software, but they are mostly minor and/or bug fixes and won’t result in any major visual differences.

Evernote is available on Google Play for free here