Any.DO, to do list software – App Review

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Any.Do helps you make quick tasks and reminders

With so many new apps showing up daily in Google Play, it’s inevitable that some great ones will fly right by without initially being seen.  Any.Do happens to be one such app.  I came across this app while looking for an easier way for me to make quick notes on things I needed to do, and be reminded when to do them.  I desperately needed something like this because my memory is horrible, or so my wife tells me.

My problem up to this point with most of these to-do apps has been that they are, well, more complicated than I need.  That’s not necessarily a bad though, however.  It’s just not what I needed.  I was looking for something that I could quickly open and plug in some random thought: “Turn off the sprinkler at 7PM” or “Change the furnace filter every month on this day.”  I didn’t want to work through some entry screen with a bunch of options I didn’t need.  Any.DO was exactly what I was looking for, and it still has many of the bells and whistles if you want them.

Adding a new task is as simple as opening the app and just saying what you want to add.  The voice recognition is very fast and generally very accurate.  You can certainly just type in your task as well, though I can’t remember the last time I decided to type instead of just speak.  The main screen gives you a quick list of the tasks you have for Today, Tomorrow, This Week, and Later.  Once you create your task you can simply hold on it and move it to your desired time frame.  That’s it….you’re done!  When the task is complete you can simple swipe across the item and the text will change to strike-through indicating the task is complete.  You can then delete it from your schedule altogether by tapping the x icon next to the task or shaking your phone (though this will clear ALL completed tasks).

Any.DO Main Screen
Any.DO Main Screen

If that’s too simple, you can go ahead and define a few more options.  Tapping once on the task will bring up a menu that allows you to add some options to flesh out your task a bit more.  You can set the task as a high priority, move it to a specified folder for organization, set a reminder, add some detailed notes, or even share it to one of your contacts.

Any.DO sub-menu
Any.DO sub-menu

The reminder option will give you an opportunity to refine the time you want to be reminded about the task, set the notification alarm, and if you want to set this as a reoccurring task.

Any.DO Reminder Scheduling
Any.DO Reminder Scheduling

Any.DO will also take note of your calendar items and greet you post meeting to ask if there is anything you wanted to make a task for.  I had no idea this was even part of the app, so naturally, it surprised me the first time I saw it.  Since then, I’ve found it very helpful in reminding me to record any action items I might have been assigned after what is usually always a long, boring meeting.

I initially downloaded this app to help me around the house and when going to the store as a simple, quick reminder app.  I’ve since started using it for work as well as home, and have come to rely on it heavily in both environments.  Any.DO is very simple to use, which makes it quick and painless to add new tasks at any point during the day.  It can be used as a simple reminder app, or as a more complex task organizer, depending on what you need. Any.Do is free through Google Play, and I highly recommend downloading the app and giving it a try.

While Any.DO will install and run on a tablet, it’s specifically designed for your phone. Using it on a tablet may distort some of the windows or not completely fill the screen, but all features still work.

App Price: Free

App Link: Any.DO