AMIDuOS – Run Android in Windows

If you’ve ever wanted to run Android on your Windows box, you now have a solid solution that won’t require you to setup any dual booting or reinstalling of your current OS.  AMIDuOS has been around for awhile now, so this may not be breaking news to everyone.  However, what is new is that they just recently started supporting loading a Lollipop environment, though it is still in beta.  For those who aren’t quite ready for beta, you can still download and run the KitKat environment.

AMIDuOS is a program you can download and install on nearly any Windows 7 or Windows 8 PC or even tablets.  It allows you to quickly and easily switch between your Windows and Android desktops with no dual booting configuration required.  It happens right on your desktop and acts like another program that you can minimize, expand, or run in a small window.  Installing AMIDuOS is very simple: simply download the files for either KitKat or Lollipop, install the files, and run.  There’s a configuration tool that is also install for you to do any additional tweaking (i.e. fullscreen, small window, etc.) and even supports touchscreens if your current Windows device supports it.  If you want to install apps from the Google Play Store, you’ll also need to download and install GAPPS, which is provided via a link on their website.

I was able to get this setup on my Dell 2-in-1 laptop in less than 10 minutes and it has been working very smooth so far.  Switching between Windows and Android is fast and hasn’t seemed to cause any issues in either environment, though I’ve only had a few hours to play around so far.

The software is available as a free 30 day trial, after which you can buy it outright for just $9.99.

Source: AMIDuOS