Airing – New Micro-CPAP Device

Though I haven’t actually gone through the steps to have myself officially diagnosed, I know I have Sleep Apnea.  Even though it’s a dangerous condition to have, until just a few days ago, I’ve never really discussed it with my doctor.  Why?  I know I’d never be able to sleep with one of those huge, bulky, noisy, CPAP masks that is most associated with Sleep Apnea.  And I’m not alone.  Statistics indicate that nearly 50% of CPAP users abandon their masks after a short period of time if they use them at all.

So why now…what’s changed?  One of the most promising new devices to help combat Sleep Apnea, the Airing micro-CPAP device, has finally started it’s Indiegogo campaign and is that much closer to reality.  Airing is a small device that fits in your nostrils and uses “micro-blowers” to maintain necessary airway pressure.  No hoses, no mask, no noisy machine sitting on your nightstand.

airring diagram

Sleep Apnea has been linked to everything from the obvious, such as excessive tiredness and memory issues, to the more extreme, such as dementia, cancer, and death.  The fact that even with such serious issues linked to Sleep Apnea, people still have problems sticking with traditional CPAP masks, the Airing could be a lifesaver for millions.  The one drawback it seems to have is that the battery in the Airing is non-rechargeable and non-replaceable.  That means you will use one device per night, throw it away (or recycle it) and grab a new one for the next night.  Airing isn’t oblivious to this shortcoming, and has already stated that they are working on new technology for the next version that may incorporate a rechargeable battery.  Current technology, however, would make the device too heavy and uncomfortable to include it initially.

Airing has an Indiegogo campaign running to raise funds for the device, which blew past it’s initial $100,000 goal on the first day.  The only remaining roadblocks are getting FDA approval, which they are confident will come without issue.  Per the website:

“The Airing device does not provide a new treatment. The Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) treatment has been around and used with FDA approval for years. The Airing device merely miniaturizes existing machinery into a portable and comfortable format.”

To date, the Indiegogo campaign has already raised over $678,000, and still has 20 days left before it ends.  If you wish to contribute to the campaign, you can follow the link Here.

Source:, Indiegogo